Cultural Diversity Drum Circle (CDDC)

      Cultural Diversity Drum Circle (CDDC) is organized by Shifting Ideas through Education for African Women, Inc. (SITEAW, INC) find more information at:
New global unifying activities are a great need today more than ever. The human race has chosen to migrate, interact, trade, mingle, travel, work, intermarry and live close to each other. But still, we are unable to complete the puzzle of peaceful co-existence. Coming together for fun and stress-free activities is one of the ways that can help us realize and understand how connected we all are and the need to appreciate one another.
Looking at the fragmented cultural diversity in the City of Indianapolis, I felt the urge to do something. With the help of Shifting Ideas through Education for African Women, Inc. (SITEAW, INC) and the Center for Citizen and Community (CCC) at Butler University,
I founded the Cultural Diversity Drum Circle. I have so much hope that it will be one
of the ways we can come together as a Community, slowly but surely in a nondiscriminatory way to appreciate one another.
For many years I have been just setting up drum circles and invite people to play
or go to schools and communities and do presentations and workshops. I have worked with all ages; children and youth in schools, and adults in various communities, I believe a drum circle brings joy to many people.
Everyone longs for a stress-free activity to let off steam. I have seen children, who, when I enter a classroom with drums jump up with joy to appreciate the moment. I have seen adults who come to the drum circle so exhausted or depressed or angry, but the moment they start playing the drum, their moods change and their faces light up. I love to see that in every human being.
Like in other parts of the world, people in Indianapolis go through different emotions every day due to what goes on around them and what the media presents before them. A drum circle is one of the ways we can help each other to get our minds away from the stressful, low energy or negative energy places to a stress-free elevation to refuel with positive energy and continue on our journey of life.
There are a couple drum circles in Indianapolis, but each is comprised of a particular group of people (most times of the same small community or country of origin) or those with a specific way of drumming (usually from their own culture). Indianapolis Diversity Drum Circle will be different in that, it will play drum beats from every culture and embrace all people, irrespective of race, color, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation or status.
In CDDC, a new community that shares the same interest of learning and enriching one another will be born. According to my experience, as the drum circle continues to meet, the participants begin to care about one another forming a community where every person matters.